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Cree Lighting

Cree® LED lighting is designed to blend seamlessly with any architecture. The proprietary diffusing lens and reflector system deliver optimal light distribution that softly washes walls and amply illuminates work surfaces. Cree is a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting fixtures for commercial, retail, residential, education and hospitality applications. Choose from a variety of recessed lights, high bays, troffers, roadway lighting and ceiling & canopy fixtures.

Cree Edge LED Area Light

The Cree Edge Series LED area light has a slim, low profile design and can replace up to 1000 watts HID area lights. Its rugged cast aluminum housing minimizes wind load requirements and features an integral, weathertight LED driver compartment and high performance aluminum heat sinks. LED area light mounting choices include Adjustable Arm, Direct Arm, or Side Arm.

Applications: Parking lots, walkways, campuses, car dealerships, and office complexes.

Cree - Edge Series Square Area Light

Cree RUL LED Rural Utility Light

The Cree LED Rural Utility Luminaire provides innovation through LED technology that maximizes the total cost of ownership and return on investment for users requiring a 70-100W HPS or 100-175W Mercury Vapor replacement solution. Its lightweight design, tool-less entry, and easy installation make the RUL LED Rural Utility Luminaire an ideal solution for general area lighting.

Applications: Rural, residential, street lighting, agricultural, and general security lightingCree - RUL Series LED Street Light


Cree LEDway LED Street Light

The Cree LEDway series street lights with its unrivaled lumen output for roadway lighting and economic performance expands the application range replacing up to 400W HPS. LED street lights provide bright and even illumination to roadways, small streets, pathways, and walkways. Cree LED fixtures have long life and more cost savings.

Call for inquiry about the LEDway Series at 1-855-303-066

Cree OSQ LED Area Light

The OSQ Area light and Flood light blends extreme optical control, advanced thermal management and modern, clean aesthetics. ‘A’ Input power is a suitable upgrade for HID applications up to 250 Watt. ‘J’ Input power is a suitable upgrade for HID applications up to 400 Watt.

Applications: Parking lots, walkways, campuses, car dealerships, offices, and internal roadways.

Call for inquiry about the OSQ Series at 1-855-303-0665Cree OSQ Series LED Area Light


Cree XSP LED Area Light

Designed from the ground up as a totally optimized LED street light system, the Cree XSP Series LED luminaire delivers incredible efficiency without sacrificing application performance. XSP LED area lights can replace up to 400 watts metal halide and reach up to 100,000 hours rate life.

Applications: Roadway, parking lots, walkways and general area spaces

Cree XSP1 Series LED Street/Area Light XSP1

Cree XSPR LED Street Light

The Cree XSPR LED Street luminaire maintains the familiar look of the traditional cobra head design and delivers substantial energy savings while reducing maintenance time and costs. Cree LED chips achieve better optical control than traditional street lighting fixtures and efficiently delivers white uniform light for safer-feeling communities.

Applications: Roadway, parking lots, walkways and general area spaces

Cree XSPR Series LED Street/Area Light XSPR

Cree XSP Wall Pack Series

XSPW has a slim, low profile design intended for outdoor wall mounted applications. Cree LED wall packs are designed to last up to 100,000 hours and replace up to 175 watts metal halide wall packs. XSPW wall packs can be mounted on building entrances and perimeters and provide 4000K or 5700K cool white color temperature.

Cree XSPW series has a limited 10 years warranty, with up to 101 lumens per watt efficieny, lumens output up to 4109 and 42 watts consumption.

Cree XSP Series LED Wall Pack

Cree LED Canopy & Parking Garage

Cree LED ceiling, canopy and parking garage fixtures deliver strong illumination while reducing energy and setup costs. Switch to Cree LED fixtures when replacing traditional ceiling or parking garage lights. LED ceiling lights provide more lumens per watt, even distribution, and longer rate life.

All fixtures are backed by a ten year warranty and are DLC certified.

Cree LED Canopy Luminaire

Cree CXB LED High-Bay/Low-Bay Series

The CXB Series LED high-bay/low-bay luminaire delivers 18,000 median and 24,000 median lumens. With exceptional rated lifetimes, zero restrike time and a compact lightweight construction, the CXB Series is a direct replacement for incumbent HID and fluorescent light sources that provides additional benefits of energy savings and significantly reduced relamp maintenance costs.

The CXB Series is offered with reflector choices of aluminum, clear and white acrylic with optional bottom lenses — making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Cree LED High Bay Luminaire CXB-A-JP-M-40K-8-UL-10V

Cree CR Series LED Troffers

The CR Series architectural LED troffers deliver up to 5000 lumens of exceptional 90+ CRI TrueWhite ® Technology light while achieving up to 130 lumens per watt. Whileaccommodating recessed, surface mount or suspended installations, the CR Series troffers perfect for use in commercial new construction or retrofit applications.

The CR Series troffers are available in a variety of color temperatures and have step, 0-10V, Lutron EcoSystem® Enabled, and Cree SmartCast™ Technology dimming options.

Cree ZR Series LED Troffers

The ZR24™ LED troffer delivers 4000 lumens of superior 90 CRI light quality and is perfect for both new construction or renovation. Powered by Cree TrueWhite® Technology, the slim and lightweight ZR24 LED troffer boasts an efficacious 90 LPW performance along with 0-10V dimming to meet local energy codes.

It is offered in 2×2, 1×2, and 2×4 LED Troffers. The ZR Series LED troffer can reduce energy consumption by more than half, and can accelerate its already rapid two-year payback.

Cree 2x2 LED Troffer

Cree LED Troffer with SmartCast Technology

Cree SmartCast Technology products incorporate integrated ambient and occupancy sensing and wireless communication to achieve energy savings and extended product life, resulting in lower electricity bills, reduced maintenance and an improved total cost of ownership over traditional lighting control systems.

Call for inquiry about this product line 1-855-303-0665

Cree 2x2 LED Troffer with SmartCast Technology

Cree Essentia by Cree Flat Panel

The Cree™ LED Flat Panel with the optical efficient edge-lit design provides better lighting experience and 90 CRI superior light quality for both new construction or remodeling application. The Cree Flat Panel FP Series offers 100 LPW performance along with 0-10V dimming to meet local energy codes.

FP Series is offered in 2’×2′, 2’×4′ and 1’x4′ configuration with CCT of 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. The Cree Essential Flat Panel could be used in wide application including corporate compus, education, healthcare, retail and petroleum.

Cree Essentia 2x2 LED Flat Panel FP22-34L-35K-10V

Cree LS Series LED Surface Linear

The LS Series LED surface ambient luminaire delivers 90 lumens per watt of Cree TrueWhite® Technology with 92 CRI illumination. Designed in a slim architectural form factor, the LS Series offers 4000 and 8000 lumens, color temperatures of 3500K, 4000K and 5000K, and 0-10V dimming, making it ideal for surface ambient applications.

LS Series allows for individual mount or continuous row applications for LED surface mount and pendant, making it ideal for new construction and upgrade applications..

Cree 4' LED Surface Ambient Luminaire LS4-40L-35K-10V

Cree LN LED Linear Suspended

The LN4™ suspended ambient luminaire delivers 110 lumens per watt utilizing Cree WaveMax Technology. The 4 feet luminaire offers 3400 lumens of Cree TrueWhite Technology 90+ CRI in both 3500K and 4000K color temperatures. The LN Series features an architectural, sleek design with an indirect/direct lighting system that delivers superior ceiling uniformity and creates a comfortable visual environment. The LN4 luminaire offers standard 0-10V dimming as well as the option for Cree SmartCast Technology for even more energy savings when utilized.

Cree - 48" LED Suspended Ambient Luminaire

Cree WS LED Wet Location

The versatile Cree WS Series wet location linear luminaire is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed of one-piece molded, durable fiberglass-reinforced polyester and UV-stabilized, impact-resistant diffused acrylic shielding, the Cree WS Series is wet location listed and water-tight sealed for IP65 rating, which provides protection from external elements.

Cree 4' LED Wet Location Linear

Cree LED Retrofit Downlights

Cree CR Series, DR Series, and LR Series LED retrofit downlights make it easy to upgrade existing recessed lighting to more energy efficient, longer lasting, high quality LED technology. Designed for commercial and residential retrofits, they install quickly and easily into 6″, 4″ and many 5″ recessed housings. Available in multiple lumen packages and various color temperatures, the CR Series, LR Series, and DR Series are ideal retrofit solutions.Cree 4" LED Retrofit

Cree LED T8

The Cree linear LED T8 lamp delivers up to 2800 lumens of enhanced spectrum 90 CRI light while achieving up to 110 lumens per watt at the system level. The innovative design allows more uplight than standard LED tubes, thereby providing a more uniform light output. The T8 lamp is available in a wide array of color temperatures and operates using existing fluorescent T8 electronic instant start, programmed/rapid start and dimmable fluorescent ballasts.

Cree - LED T8 Tube

Cree UR LED Linear Upgrade Kit

The UR Series LED Upgrade Kit is designed for existing T8/T12 linear fluorescent fixtures replacing the fluorescent lamps with the energy saving, long life, and enhanced color quality benefits of Cree LED technology. The Cree LED linear kit can be used to replace fluorescent lamps in wraparounds, strip lights, troffers, and vaportight fixtures.

Cree - 24" LED Upgrade Kit - UR-24-35K-FD-LB-2


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