LED Area Lighting

Choose from a great selection of LED area lighting from Bees Lighting. Provide bright LED lighting to parking lots, plazas, campuses, parks, and general open areas. Also available are LED shoebox lights, post top lighting, and dusk-to-dawn LED area lights for barns, yards, and driveways. Shop by 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures. LED area lights can replace up to 1000 watts HID fixtures. Mounting options include tennon, slipfitter, and trunnion mounts.

MaxLite LED Area LightTraditional Area Light

LED area lights come in traditional, decorative, or shoebox designs. Different wattage and lumen packages can light small areas like parks and walkways, and higher versions can light whole parking lots, plazas, and general open areas. Area lights come in different mounts and color temperatures.



rab-ybled26Dusk-to-Dawn Area Light

LED dusk to dawn area lights come with an integrated photocell option that automatically turns the fixture on at night or when light levels become low. Dusk to dawn applications include residential and security lighting. Dusk to dawn lights are perfect for barns, garages, yards, driveways, and work areas.

LED Roadway Lighting
LED Flood Light

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