LED Retrofit for HID

LED Retrofit bulbs offer an instant upgrade from incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lamps. These lamps are perfect for retrofitting outdoor area, bollard, post top, wall pack, high bay, low bay, troffer, and parking garage applications. Bees Lighting carries leading brands like Light Efficient Design, Cree, and PacLights.

Low/High Bay Retrofit

Replace traditional metal halide high bays with LED retrofit high bay and low bay lamps. LED retrofit can replace up to 400 watts metal halide for high bay, low bay, and parking garage applications.Light Efficient Design - Parking Garage LED Retrofit Lamp

Area/Bollard Retrofit

LED retrofit for bollards, post top, and area lights can replace up to 250 watts metal halide bulbs. These can be used for walkways, parks, and street lighting.

Satco - LED HID Replacement Lamp


Shoebox/Wall Pack Retrofit

LED retrofit for shoebox, wall pack, and roadway fixtures replace up to 150 watts metal halide bulbs.

Satco - LED HID Replacement Lamp

Commercial Retrofit

Commercial retrofit fixtures can replace traditional metal halide fixtures up to 1500 watts. These are ideal for large open spaces like hangars, warehouses, and stadiums.

PacLights - Ultimate II 60 LED Retrofit Kit

Troffer Retrofit

The troffer linear upgrade kit replaces fluorescent strip lights for 2×2 and 2×4 fixtures.

Cree - 24" LED Upgrade Kit - UR-24-35K-FD-LB-2

LED Exit Signs and Emergency Units
LED Decorative Outdoor

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