LED Security Light: Using LEDs to Protect Your Home/Business

LED Security Light Vs Traditional Lighting:

The Benefits of Using LEDs to Protect Your Home/Business

Great lighting can discourage crimes of opportunity. Bright security lights make thefts and delinquents visible in the dark and will help you, your family, and coworkers feel safe at work, home and in a parking lot. What type of lighting can deliver this sort of security? The inescapable brightness of a LED security light will deliver and save you some money in the process. The LED Security Light brings more value, lasts longer, and shines brighter than any traditional light fixture.


Lithonia Lighting LED Security Floodlight
w/Motion Sensor
3 Adjustable Heads

According to the Department of Energy, quality LED lights can last 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb (traditional light bulb) and use 75 percent less energy. At home the LED bulbs have an exceptionally long lifespan. They can last up to five times longer than the compact fluorescent bulb (the other energy efficient bulb) a typical LED light that burns eight hours a day will last up to 17 years. LED bulbs generate almost no heat, which can help reduce costs of, not only running the light, but also the air conditioning from running to counteract the heat from traditional lights.

A LED security light can make your home safer at night with its ability to light up the darkest spots outside your house. LED lights provide clear visibility allowing you to see anything lurking in the shadows that would normally be unseen with undirected traditional lighting. Some LED security lights are made to specifically work with security surveillance to provide improved visibility allowing you to get clear and well-defined image or video of possible perpetrators.

Lithonia LED Security Light

Lithonia Lighting LED Security Floodlight
w/Motion Sensor & 2 Adjustable Heads

At the workplace, LED lights can improve safety for your employees in the late night and early morning hours. LED lights are luminous and have a much lower operating cost and longer life expectancy. LED lights improve personal and operational safety and they enhance security by improving video quality. With its battery backup options the lights have a better compliance with lighting control, even in a power outage. The light from a LED is angled so that it is directed downwards. HPS lamps and traditional lights do not provide direction, instead they send out the light in all directions wasting energy and light where it is not needed.

LEDs have no warm-up period and a LED bulb life is not affected by cycling on and off like most traditional light systems are. LEDs are perfect for motion-activated use where more light is desired when people are present. Now, the existing lighting at walkways and waiting areas can be supplemented with motion-activated LED lighting, doubling low energy cost efforts.

The quality of the LED security light has already proved its efficiency and improved the lives of many. LED lights have a much lower operating cost and a longer life expectancy than traditional light bulbs. Switch to LED today to keep your family, employees and yourself safe at night.

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