LED Wall Pack

Choose from a great selection of LED wall packs from Bees Lighting. Provide bright LED lighting to hallways, entrances, doorways and building facades with a variety of LED wall packs and wall sconces. LED wall packs also come in traditional full glass, cutoff, decorative or architectural, and rough service designs. LED mini/low profile and doorway lights also available. LED dusk to dawn wall packs come with built-in photocell sensor. These fixtures come in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures and can replace up to 1000 watts HID fixtures.

Wall Pack Equivalency

LED wall packs are perfect replacements for traditional metal halide and HID wall packs. LED wall packs have up to 100,000 hours of rate life and more lumens per watt, making them a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution in the long run. Wall pack replacement wattages include 150 watts metal halide, 175 watts metal halide, 250 watts metal halide, 320 watts metal halide, 400 watts metal halide, 750 watts metal halide, and 1000 watts metal halide.

LED Traditional Wall Pack

Traditional wall packs have a full glass design and have a visor option for full cutoff applications. LED wall packs are powerful and energy-efficient and can replace up to 1000 watts of traditional metal halide wall packs. Outdoor wall packs are corrosion-proof and can withstand extreme climate changes.

LEDone - LED Glass Refractor Wall Pack

Dusk to Dawn LED Wall Pack

Dusk to dawn wall packs have integrated photocells that make them ideal for building perimeters, doorways, and loading areas. Photocell sensors allow LED wall packs to light up automatically when light levels become low.

Howard Lighting Mini LED Wallpack MINILWPP20-120

Decorative LED Wall Pack

Designer series LED wall packs are ideal for decorative and landscaping applications. These wall mounted fixtures complement building designs and provide an aesthetic look for hotels, arenas, and outdoor spaces.

Howard Lighting LED Versalite Wallpack VL30

LED Doorway Light

LED doorway lighting provide ample amount of light for building entrances, patios, and driveways. These low profile wall packs may come with built-in photocell sensor for automatic activation. Doorway lights reach up to 2000 lumens of superior bright lighting.

Howard Lighting Mini LED Wallpack MINILWPP20-120

LED Wall Sconce

LED wall sconces are used for decorative purposes for both indoor and outdoor applications. Wall mount sconces provide uplight or downlight for stairs, walkways, accent, and wall wash lighting.

Lithonia LED Wall Cylinder Light

LED Rough Service Fixture

Vandal-resistant LED wall fixtures are designed to endure extreme environment conditions and physical abuse. Rough service fixtures can be used for interior and exterior applications.Lithonia Gateway LED Architectural Rough Service Fixture

LED Dusk to Dawn
LED Outdoor Ceiling Fixtures

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