Lithonia AL Architectural Troffer

The Lithonia AL combines clean, fine lines with a unique design that complements any space. The completely luminous optical system provides a concave visual appearance while providing high fixture performance and even illumination. AL is also available with a number of control options thus providing the ability to dim or control the lighting providing the ability to save energy and operate with multiple control systems including daylight or occupancy sensors.

OPTICS — Luminous optical system consists of a unique blend of high performance transmittance diffuser coupled with a concave, clear, ribbed refractor for and unique multi-step appearance.

ELECTRICAL — Long-life LEDs, coupled with high-efficiency drivers, provide superior quantity and quality of illumination for extended service life. 90% LED lumen maintenance at 60,000 hours (L90/60,000).

LISTINGS — CSA Certified to meet U.S. and Canadian standards. IC rated. DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualified product. Tested to LM80 standards.

WARRANTY — 5-year limited warranty.


  • 2ALL2 — 2×2, 4000 lumens max, 35 watts max, recessed mount
  • 2ALL4 — 2×4, 7200 lumens max, 68 watts max, recessed mount
  • ALL4 — 1×4, 6000 lumens max, 55 watts max, recessed mount
  • 2ALLS2 — 2×2, 4000 lumens max, 35 watts max, surface mount
  • 2ALLS4 — 2×4, 7200 lumens max, 68 watts max, surface mount
  • ALLS4 — 1×4, 6000 lumens max, 55 watts max, surface mount
 lithonia-2all2  lithonia-2all4  lithonia-all4
 lithonia-2alls2  lithonia-2alls4  lithonia-alls4

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