Lithonia LED Lightbar and Cabinet Light

Lithonia LED lightbars and undercabinet fixtures are dimmable and can be connected end-to-end for seamless row lighting. Lithonia LED lightbars and cabinet lights provide accent lighting to indoor and commercial applications like kitchens, coves, shelves, and bathrooms.

Lithonia UCLD LED Cabinet Lightlithonia-ucld12bz

The Lithonia UCLD linkable cabinet light provides a warm 2700K or 3000K color temperature and up to 50,000 hours of LED light for undercabinet, display cases, task lighting, office lighting, coves, and utility areas. This LED undercabinet light has a low profile and adjustable swivel to direct light exactly where you want it.


imgLithonia STK LED Lightbar

STK LED lightbar from Lithonia provides accent lighting for residential and commercial applications. LED lightbars can be used for kitchen counters, display cases, and book shelves. STK lightbars can be linked together end-to-end for continuous illumination.



Lithonia RAZ LED Lightbar

The Lithonia Rayzer series LED lightbar is ideal for accent and task lighting for commercial, retail, and hospitality applications. The RAZ LED provides dimmable and evenly distributed light in 3000K color temperature.


Lithonia LED Panel & Troffer
Lithonia LED Wall Pack

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