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Lithonia Lighting is committed to providing sustainable lighting solutions that are enabled and enhanced by LED lighting and other advanced technologies, including lighting controls.

Lithonia’s products include the D-Series LED fixtures, Z-Series strip lights, high bays, troffers and wraparounds. Applications for LED include car dealerships, warehouses, retail, hospitality and general public spaces.

Lithonia LED Roadway Lighting

Lithonia LED roadway lights provide an energy efficient replacement for traditional metal halide and HID roadway and street lights. LED fixtures can reach up to 100,000 hours and replace up to 400 watts metal halide fixtures. LED roadway fixtures are ideal for street lighting, highways, walkways, and streetscapes.

Lithonia LED Roadway

Lithonia LED Area Lighting

Lithonia LED area lights provide an energy efficient replacement for traditional metal halide and HID roadway and street lights. LED fixtures can reach up to 100,000 hours and replace up to 1000 watts metal halide fixtures. LED area light fixtures are ideal for outdoor parks, parking lots, pedestrian areas, and general open areas.

Lithonia - D-Series Area Pole Mount

Lithonia LED Post Top Light

LED post top lighting from Lithonia are built stylish and low-profile to complement the design of the surrounding areas. LED post tops provide uniform lighting for general areas like parks, walkways, and parking lots. LED fixtures can replace traditional metal halide or HID fixtures for more energy and cost savings.

Lithonia Omero Post Top LED Luminaire

Lithonia LED Flood Light

LED flood lights from Lithonia provide bright LED lighting to wide open spaces like football stadiums, gymnasium, parks, warehouses, and docks. LED flood lights reach up to 60,000 lumens and replace up to 1000 watts metal halide fixtures. Lithonia LED flood lights are available in knuckle mount, slipfitter, and yoke mount.

Lithonia LED Flood Light

Lithonia LED Wall Pack

Lithonia Lighting wallpacks are unmatched in the industry for distinctive designs, mechanical integrity and high performance optical systems. These high quality products are characterized by superior grade materials for reliability and are highly engineered and designed for performance. In addition to skilled craftsmanship for aesthetic styling these wallpacks are exceptional in value.

All wallpack fixtures are backed by a five year warranty.

Lithonia LED Wall Pack TWR1 LED 1 50K MVOLT M2

Lithonia LED Ceiling and Canopy

Lithonia LED ceiling, canopy and parking garage fixtures are the ideal lighting solution to replace traditional metal halide, fluorescent, and HID fixtures. Switch to Lithonia LED for more energy savings, higher efficiency, and less maintenance on your outdoor ceiling and canopy fixtures. Use LED to light up parking structures, gas stations, convenience stores, covered walkways and aisles, and garages.

Lithonia LED Ceiling & Canopy Light

Lithonia LED Security Light

LED security lights come with either a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor or a built-in motion sensor. Security light fixtures light up automatically once activated and are ideal for alleys, garages, driveways, and walkways to provide safety and peace of mind.

Lithonia LED Motion Security Floodlight OLF 2RH 40K 120 MO BZ

Lithonia LED Dusk-to-Dawn Fixture

LED dusk to dawn fixtures from Lithonia can be used as area lights, wall packs, or flood lights. These LED fixtures have an integrated photocell sensor that activates the fixture automatically when light levels become low. These are ideal for barns and yards, alleys, garages, and walkways.

Lithonia LED Flood Light

Lithonia LED High Bay

Lithonia Lighting offers a wide selection of products to address high mount and low mount,
new construction and renovation lighting applications.

Shop from IBH, IBL, JCBL, and JHBL Series high bay fixtures from Lithonia Lighting. All high bay
fixtures are backed by a five year warranty.

Lithonia LED Bay Lighting IBH 12L MVOLT

Lithonia LED Panel & Troffer

Lithonia long-life LED panels & troffers are coupled with high efficiency drivers to provide a
superior level and quality of illumination for extended service life. Affordable digital lighting solutions designed to deliver quality lighting for most schools, offices and hospital lighting applications.

Shop from ACL, FSL, GTL and TL Series panels & troffers from Lithonia Lighting. All fixtures are
backed by a five year warranty.

Lithonia - 2x4 SBS Series LED Shadow Box Surface Mount Luminaire

Lithonia LED Strip Light

LED strip lights from Lithonia provide bright, even lighting for ceiling installations for retail and convenience stores, warehouses, offices, and stairwells. Commercial LED strip lights range from 2 feet to 8 feet and can be linked together in a continuous row. These LED fixtures can replace existing fluorescent T5, T8, and T12 lamps.

Lithonia LED Strip Light ZL1N L48 3000LM

Lithonia LED Wraparound Fixtures

LED wraparound fixtures from Lithonia are perfect lighting solution for general ambient lighting for indoor spaces that have existing fluorescent fixtures. These surface-mount fixtures are easy to install and require low maintenance, resulting in greater cost and energy savings.

Lithonia LED Wraparound

Lithonia LED Wet Location and Vapor Tight

LED vapor tight fixtures are IP65-rated, sealed, and gasketed to protect from dust and moisture. These LED wet location linear lights are vandal-resistant and are perfect for cold storage and processing, parking garages, car washes, and other applications with extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Lithonia - 4' Archway Passage Series LED Fixture

Lithonia LED Recessed Downlight

With Lithonia recess downlights, upgrade your existing incandescent commercial housing for a more energy efficient LED technology in a short amount of time.

Shop from 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch recess downlight fixtures. All fixtures are energy star certified and come with a 5 year warranty.

Lithonia - E Series 4" LED Recessed Downlight

Lithonia LED Indoor Ceiling

Lithonia carries a wide variety of LED indoor ceiling lights for residential applications like hallways, bedrooms, storage rooms, kitchen, or dining rooms. Indoor surface mount fixtures come in different sizes, designs, and finishes to choose from. LED fixtures provide bright and even illumination that make them ideal to replace traditional fluorescent or incandescent lamps.

Lithonia LED Aberdale Flush Mount FMABFL 16 20830 F20 M4

Lithonia LED Lightbar and Cabinet Light

Lithonia LED lightbars and cabinet lights provide accent lighting to indoor and commercial applications like kitchens, coves, shelves, and bathrooms. LED lightbars and undercabinet fixtures are dimmable and can be connected end-to-end for seamless row lighting.

Lithonia Linkable LED Cabinet Light

Lithonia LED Step Light

Lithonia LED step lights are energy-efficient pedestrian lighting for stairs, patios, gardens, and other landscape applications. Long-life LED chips provide 4000K cool white color temperature and up to 50,000 hours of life.

Lithonia LED Step Light

Lithonia Fluorescent Fixtures

Fluorescent fixtures from Lithonia use traditional T5, T5HO, T8, or T12 lamps to provide ambient lighting for commercial applications. Most common fluorescent applications are for high bays, recessed troffers, vapor tight fixtures, strip lights, and wraparound fixtures. These fixtures can contain 2 lamps, 3 lamps, or 4 lamps, depending on the application and amount of light needed.

Lithonia Lighting - T8 Fluorescent High Bay

Power Sentry Batter Packs

Emergency battery packs and ballasts provide continuous power to fluorescent fixtures during normal power interruptions. Emergency batteries can power up to 90 minutes at a reduced light output.

Power Sentry Fluorescent Battery Pack

Lithonia LED Exit and Emergency

LED exit signs and emergency lamps promote safety and security for commercial and residential building during times of need. The LED emergency lamps provide ample bright light for hallways, exits, and stairwells. LED exit signs are easy to install and come in aluminum, polycarbonate, and thermoplastic housing. Emergency battery backup is also available in case of power outages

Lithonia LED Red Exit Sign With Battery

MAXLITE QuadroMAX LED Luminare

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