MaxLite LED Bullet Flood Lights

MaxLite LED Bullet Flood Lights provide energy-efficient, directional lighting for landscape, facade and outdoor signage. Sealed to keep out dirt, bugs and moisture, the Bullet is constructed with a precision die-cast aluminum housing and tempered, shatter-resistant glass for durability.




  • Leading efficiency ranging from 108-121 lm/W
  • ≥ 50,000 hour L70 Life @ 25°C
  • Universal 120-277 driver
  • Fixture can be surface mounted directly to electrical boxes or posts with ½” threaded bushing
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Sealed to keep out dirt and bugs
  • Tempered shatter resistant glass lens
  • Weep hole located on lower lip of fixture to prevent water buildup
  • ½” NPS threaded arm with locking swivel arm


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