MAXLITE LED Cooler And Freezer Light


MaxLite - 5' LED Cooler and Freezer Lamp

MaxLite Cooler and Freezer lamps are a high value combination of design and performance features. For use in freezer case lighting, these DC operated lamps combined with remoted constant voltage drivers, give exceptionally long life. The 4100K color from LM-80 test certified LEDs give clean, bright white lighting to case products and goods.


  • 36RL41 – 1000 Watts, 8 Watts, 4100k
  • 48RL41 – 1500 Watts, 15 Watts, 4100k
  • 60RL41 – 2000 Watts, 20 Watts, 4100k
  • 72RL41 – 2300 Watts, 23 Watts, 4100k
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