MAXLITE FLS Series LED Flood Light


The MaxLite FLS LED Flood Lights are efficient, energy-saving replacements for metal halide and quartz halogen fixtures. Each luminaire features an integral listed driver, potted within a separate compartment to ensure cool operation and longer lifetime. The 15-, 20-, 40-, and 50-watt luminaires can mount at a broad range of angles with a yoke style arm and a 1/2” NPT threaded nipple. Designed to deliver high efficacy and reduced wattages similar to wide beam models, FLS LED Flood Lights create bright, shadow-free security and spot lighting for a variety of outdoor applications, including facades, landscapes, public places, retail and residential complexes, and hospitality.


  • Up to 220,000-hour L70 lifetime, TM-21 standards @ 25°C
  • Available with polycarbonate lens option
  • Reflector reduces glare and improves appearance
  • Compatible with mechanical relay type Photocell
  • Sealed fixture is dirt and bug free
  • Five year limited warranty


  • FLS15U50B 1260 Lumens, 14 Watts, 5000k, wide flood
  • FLS15U50B-N1255 Lumens, 14 Watts, 5000k, narrow flood
  • FLS20U50B – 1985 lumens, 19 Watts, 5000k, wide flood
  • FLS20U50B-N – 200 Lumens, 18 Wtts, 5000k, narrow flood
  • FLS40U50B – 4010 Lumens, 36 Watts, 5000k, wide flood
  • FLS40U50B-N – 3705 Lumens, 36 Watts, 5000k, narrow flood
  • FLS50U50B – 5290 Lumens, 49 Watts, 5000k, wide flood
  • FLS50U50B-N – 5420 Lumens, 49 Watts, 5000k, narrow flood
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