MaxLite LED Parking Garage Fixture


The MaxLite surface mounted LED Parking Garage Canopy Luminaire is constructed with a shatter and UV resistant polycarbonate lens. The LED modules use proprietary binning for color consistency. This fixture can be mounted to electrical boxes or directly to surfaces.


  • 30W replaces up to 150-175 Watt metal halide or 2 x 32W T8 fluorescent
  • 45W replaces up to 175-250 Watt metal halide
  • Self-contained driver
  • Maintenance free and operates without UV
  • Dusk-to-dawn and occupancy sensor compatible
  • Can be mounted on electrical boxes or directly to surfaces
  • LM-79/80 data available
  • Does not attract insects


MaxLite LED Canopy Fixture
MAXLITE LED Recessed Gas Canopy Light

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