MAXLITE LED Recessed Gas Canopy Light


Integrating high-performance optics and durability into a slim profile, MaxLite LED Recessed Canopy Fixtures provide a sleek upgrade to energy-efficient lighting for fuel stations, convenience stores, banks and other drive-through locations.

Designed to offer secure, energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free lighting solutions for new or retrofit projects for service stations, the LED Fuel Pump Luminaires replace up to 400-watt metal halide fixtures while consuming less than 100 watts. The IP66-rated fuel canopy luminaires are constructed using a die cast aluminum housing with a shatter resistant tempered glass lens, and employ high efficacy LEDs. The Fuel Pump fixture can be recess-mounted to any canopy with round or square cutout sizes between 3.9” and 9.8” wide.


MaxLite LED Parking Garage Fixture
MaxLite LED Dusk-to-Dawn Fixture

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