MaxLite LED Wet Location Vaporproof Jelly Jar

MaxLite LED Vaporproof Jelly JarMaxLite LED Vaporproof Jelly Jar

LED Vaporproof Jelly Jars are designed to replace 100-watt incandescent and 23-watt CFL fixtures with high-quality, longlasting illumination over doorways, scaffolding, construction sites, fire hydrants and emergency call stations. The lamps are IP66 rated against ingress of dust and pressurized water in harsh environments, and suitable for inverted mounting. They have an L70 lifetime of 50,000 hours.

Constructed with a shortened polycarbonate lens that minimizes light loss, Jelly Jars may be mounted at heights lower than the short-lived fixtures they replace for easier maintenance


MAXLITE QuadroMAX LED Luminare

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