MAXLITE QuadroMAX LED Luminare

MaxLite - QuadroMAX LED Luminaire

QuadroMAX is the first universal and scalable outdoor LED luminaire. QuadroMAX can be customized for virtually any type of outdoor lighting application by applying one of eight different mounting arms to a universal body to create a Canopy, Area, Flood or Wall Pack luminaire. With QuadroMAX, an entire project can be specified using the same body design for a clean, cohesive look throughout the space.


  • Main housing designed to accept multiple mounting options
  • Depending on the mounting bracket selected, can be easily installed and used in canopy, area, flood and wall mounted applications
  • Single extrusion heat sink designed to maximize heat dissipation and maximize lifetime
  • Independent LED engine arrays and optics
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • High efficiency PC lens optics
  • Ten year limited warranty


  • QM2AU7 – 6000 Lumens, 55 Watts, 4000k – 5000k
  • QM3AU7 – 9000 Lumens, 80 Watts, 4000k – 5000k
  • QM4AU7 – 12000 Lumens, 110 Watts, 4000 – 5000k
  • QM5AU7 – 15000 Lumens, 135 Watts, 4000 – 5000k
  • QM6AU7 – 17000 Lumens, 160 Watts, 4000 – 5000k
MaxLite LED Wet Location Vaporproof Jelly Jar
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