RAB PLED LED Pendant Ceiling Light


RAB LED pendant mounted fixture with precision optics for smooth and uniform distribution is ideal for retail settings, workspace lighting and other applications requiring a high output commercial grade downlight.
  • Precision optics deliver uniform light distribution
  • 4x13W high-output, long-life LEDs
  • Full cutoff, fully shielded luminaire
  • 100,000-hour LED lifespan
  • 5-year warranty


  • PLED52 – 5312 Lumens, 52 Watts, 5000k
  • PLED52N – 4573 Lumens, 52 Watts, 4000k
  • PLED78 – 7619 Lumens, 78 Watts, 5000k
  • PLED78N – 6607 Lumens, 78 Watts, 4000k
RAB PLED LED Pendant Light
RAB LED Wall Pack Entra

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