Selecting Lights for Pools, Fountains, & Wet Locations

Submersible LED Lights: Lighting Wet Locations

Submersible LED Light

Submersible LED Light

Submersible lights are lights that can be safely placed underwater. These lights are specifically designed to be used in or near water. Many people use submersible lights in their pools, ponds, fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor water features. Traditionally, LEDs were not used as submersible lights, and running outdoor lights all night in your pool or fountain could cut deeply into your electric bill. Beeslight, a leader in LED lights, now offers LED submersible lights at discounted prices to help you enjoy your backyard even in the dead of night without concerns for cost.

According to the Department of Energy, quality LED lights can last 25 times longer
than an incandescent bulb (traditional light bulb) and use 75% less energy. LED lights have an exceptionally long lifespan. They can last up to five times longer than the compact fluorescent bulb (the other energy efficient bulb). This means that you change the LED light less often, allowing you to save money. Sometimes changing a pool light requires a partial or full drain of the pool water. This not only keeps you out of your pool, but also can be costly. An LED  submersible light in place of a traditional light for your pool would help keep your bulb replacements to a minimum. Depending on how often you run your new submersible LED lights

Lighting a Wet Location: Lights for Pools, Ponds, Waterfalls, etc.

Before you go out and purchase outdoor LED lights for your pool or pristine rock pond

Wet Location Light by Lithonia Lighting

Wet Location Light by Lithonia Lighting

you will have to decide what type of lights match your arrangement. If you want to instal the light underwater, you will need a submersible LED light. If you are looking to light a wet location, but not underwater, a number of wet location fixtures would be the best option. Determine how many lumens your lights should have. The lumens of a bulb refer to the brightness of the lights. The larger the lumens, the brighter the light will be projected from the LED.  By doing some quick research online, or contacting BeesLighting, you’ll be able to discover many fixtures and settings that fit your arrangements.

For all of your lighting decorations, contact BeesLighting and find the right LED fixtures for your indoor and outdoor needs. Make a splash in savings with submersible lights.

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