Cree LED lighting products are created to match any space. The exclusive technology they developed in their products deliver optimal light distribution. It softly washes walls and amply illuminates work surfaces. Cree is a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting fixtures for commercial, retail, residential, education and hospitality applications.

As one of the largest manufacturers of LED lighting, Cree is committed to ensure they are creating better technology that improves their products and is environmentally friendly. Cree offers an extensive inventory to choose from a variety of recessed lights, high bays, troffers, roadway lighting and ceiling & canopy fixtures.

Cree LED Strip Light  


Cree strip lights are available in four foot or eight foot lengths and can be installed in various locations and can be mounted as individual fixtures or combined with other fixtures for a continuous application.

Cree LED Troffer 


Cree troffers and flat panels are light and durable fixtures that provide great light quality and substantial output. In addition, these fixtures are energy efficient and are suitable for damp locations.

Cree LED High Bay

LED high bays from Cree deliver a massive amount of light output and can be used in a variety of locations with high ceilings and still be able to light large areas. High bays are great options for commercial places.


Cree LED Retrofit Downlight

Retrofit downlights can be used to convert most four inch downlights into new LED technology or can be installed as new construction. These can be installed in residential and some commercial settings. They are energy efficient and suitable in wet locations.


Cree RUL LED Rural Utility Light 

The Cree LED utility light is a commercial fixture with an easy installation as well as a lightweight design. This item has a ten year warranty and can be installed in a variety of outdoor locations or for street lighting.


CREE LED Wet Location

Cree 4' LED Wet Location Linear

The versatile Cree® WS Series wet location LED linear luminaire is a durable, robust wet location fixture ideal for environmentally-demanding indoor and outdoor applications. This IP65-rated luminaire is water-resistant and provides dust protection for use in environments where similarly-rated fluorescent fixtures are installed. Suitable for operating temperatures ranging from -25° to 35°C, the WS Series provides protection from external elements, allowing for cold to hot weather environment installations in both new construction and upgrade applications.