Light Efficient Design

Founded in 2008, Light Efficient Design is a large manufacturer of commercial LED retrofit lighting products. Light Efficient Design offers LED retrofit lamps to replace existing HID lamps for energy and cost savings. The company is committed to providing different and innovative lighting solutions. LED retrofit for HID lamps are perfect for high bays, low bays, area and post top, wall pack and parking garage lighting.

They have many certifications such as Energy Star, DLC and ULC rated to further validate the quality of the products they carry. The assortment of products they carry makes it simple to find a LED retrofit to meet your needs. Bees Lighting recommends Light Efficient Design products such as post tops, wall packs and pin lights. They are energy efficient and produce a high lumen output.

Light Efficient Design High Bay HID Retrofit


High bays from Light Efficient Design are created to be sufficient retrofits for HID fixtures to be replaced with LED technology. These are commercial grade high bay bulbs and are installed into compatible fixtures.

Light Efficient Design Mini Post Top


Light Efficient Design post tops are commercial LED lamps for HID replacements. This product comes with a five year warranty and is suitable for damp environments. The replacement types available are bypass ballasts.

Light Efficient Design Wall Pack HID Retrofit


LED wall packs provide very bright light and are best used in indoor commercial ceilings. This lamp from Light Efficient Design will fit into most HID fixtures as a replacement. The replacement types available are direct replacement or bypass ballast.

Light Efficient Design LED PL Lamps


LED PL Lamps are plug in commercial bulbs that provide sufficient lumen output. It can be placed in damp locations These are great replacements for fluorescent lamps. They also feature a universal mounting type.