Light Efficient Design

Founded in 2008, Light Efficient Design is a large manufacturer of commercial LED retrofit lighting products. Light Efficient Design offers LED retrofit lamps to replace existing HID lamps for energy and cost savings. The company is committed to providing different and innovative lighting solutions. LED retrofit for HID lamps are perfect for high bays, low bays, area and post top, wall pack and parking garage lighting.

They have many certifications such as Energy Star, DLC and ULC rated to further validate the quality of the products they carry. The assortment of products they carry makes it simple to find a LED retrofit to meet your needs. Bees Lighting recommends Light Efficient Design products such as post tops, wall packs and pin lights. They are energy efficient and produce a high lumen output.

Light Efficient Design High Bay HID Retrofit


High bays from Light Efficient Design are created to be sufficient retrofits for HID fixtures to be replaced with LED technology. These are commercial grade high bay bulbs and are installed into compatible fixtures.

Light Efficient Design Mini Post Top


Light Efficient Design post tops are commercial LED lamps for HID replacements. This product comes with a five year warranty and is suitable for damp environments. The replacement types available are bypass ballasts.

Light Efficient Design Wall Pack HID Retrofit


LED wall packs provide very bright light and are best used in indoor commercial ceilings. This lamp from Light Efficient Design will fit into most HID fixtures as a replacement. The replacement types available are direct replacement or bypass ballast.

Light Efficient Design LED PL Lamps


LED PL Lamps are plug in commercial bulbs that provide sufficient lumen output. It can be placed in damp locations These are great replacements for fluorescent lamps. They also feature a universal mounting type.


Legrand began originally in France and has grown and expanded to multiple countries today. Their mission is to provide electricity and light to people all over the globe. Legrand wants to consistently improve the experience their consumers have when purchasing and using their products. The company offers a large selection of products to assist in the use and functions of various fixtures such as fans and lights. While these items are quite minimal, they help most people make their daily lives easier.

Legrand products range from motion sensors and photocontrols to dimmers, timers, wall plates and switches. In addition to these controls, they also carry different types of outlets and receptacles. These items are essential additions for every room in every office, building or warehouse. Bees Lighting offers a large selection of Legrand products and we recommend multiple products. Switches, dimmers, wall plates and outlets are essential items and we carry them in four different colors to ensure every part of your space matches cohesively.

Legrand Pass & Seymour Dimmer Controls


Legrand Dimmers are stylish as well as functional wiring devices for dimmable fixtures whether they are LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent, or magnetic low voltage. These dimmers are part of the Radiant collection and the LS and Titan Series from Legrand and are available in various colors like black, brown, ivory, light almond, and white.

Legrand Pass & Seymour Timer Controls


Legrand Timers are great additions for any type of lighting fixture. They feature adjustable times and it is programmable to either be set or use sensors to turn off after five minute increments. Timers are great because they are energy efficient and make it easier to not keep fixtures on when they are not being used.

Legrand Pass & Seymour Switches


Legrand Switches are sleek and feature modern designs. These switches can be used with single or three way poles. The switches are available in black, brown, ivory, light almond, and white. In addition, Legrand switches pair nicely with screw-less wall plates that add style to every space.

Legrand Pass & Seymour Receptacles and Outlets


Receptacles and outlets from Legrand are part of the Radiant collection and are great additions to other Legrand products like switches and dimmers. They are available in five colors and they match with the other pieces from Legrand.

Green Creative

Green Creative is a LED lighting company based in Silicon Valley, CA and is committed to providing innovative lighting solutions and are consistently looking for ways to improve and enhance their products. In addition, the company places high importance on ensuring their products are efficient while still being environmentally friendly. Functional lighting solutions with modern designs are exactly the items that Green Creative carry.

Green Creative offers a large range of LED bulbs and fixtures ranging from PR Bulbs to strip lights and track heads. Bees Lighting carefully chooses which lines of products to carry and we can confidently recommend certain products. BR bulbs provide wide beams of light while still not remaining energy efficient. In addition, LED retrofit downlights are great installations to any ceiling because they provide substantial light and have a sleek design.

Green Creative LED BR Bulbs 


LED BR bulbs from Green Creative are good for commercial applications and features a cloud type of design which evenly diffuses light. It is environmentally efficient and a great option for different applications such as recessed or spotlight.

Green Creative LED PL Lamps


PL Lamps feature plug and play technology and the base can be rotated almost full circle and this is so the lamp can fit most types of sockets. This type of lamp will be great for electricity savings because it has efficient LED technology.

Green Creative LED HID Retrofit Lamps


This lamp from Green Creative is a perfect solution to replace HID lights into new LED technology. This lamp is great for post tops and has a full range of light output. It also features universal voltage as well as being energy efficient.

Green Creative LED Strip Light


LED strip lights by Green Creative are part of the QWIKLINK series and these fixtures are easily connectable. These strip lights feature a universal voltage and a commercial dimming feature. The features can be surface mounted or suspended.


GM Lighting

GM Lighting, headquartered in Illinois, has grown rapidly in a short time to become one of the leading companies in the industry. They place high emphasis on creating high quality lighting product.

GM Lighting provides a sleek and modern designs that can light up and mount on any space while still adding style and function. GM Lighting products have always been designed and manufactured with field input from every level of the lighting business. The two source options are available in 12 or 24VDC. From showrooms, distributors, contractors and designers lighting, GM Lighting is always listening to ideas for new products as well as how to improve on current products.

GM Lighting is a leading manufacturer of dedicated and innovative LED under-cabinet and linear lights for residential, outdoor wet bar and commercial kitchen applications.

Bees Lighting recommends GM’s LED Linear Lightbar to provide a sleek design while still providing an adequate amount of lumens, in addition most fixtures are dimmable. This item can be used for under cabinet or over cabinet lighting. LED tape lights can be used in a variety of situations and provide a minimalist design and Bees suggests using tape lights for detail lighting to add a subtle change to your space. Tape lights are available in a variety of lengths and widths and are offered at an affordable price.  LED flush mounts and LED downlights are great for lighting up rooms or larger places.

GM Lighting Tape Light


Tape lights by GM Lighting are up to five meters long and feature 300 LED lights on each reel and can be installed for detail and accent lighting. These lights are dimmable and available in five different light colors.

GM Lighting LED Flush Mount


GM Lighting offers flush mount LED fixtures that are available in round or square design. The fixtures are available in warm or cool white. Each downlight is energy efficient and there are different options and prices.

GM Lighting Linear Lightbar


Linear Lightbars by GM Lighting are able to be installed as undercabinet lighting or as separate fixtures. These lightbars are dimmable and feature a 24VDC operation. It can be easily mounted and is available between 8 and 39 inches.

GM Lighting LED Downlight


GM Lighting downlights are made with superior quality and they are able to be installed in damp locations. They would work well in tight spaces for spotlight type of lighting and they can be used in residential or commercial spaces.


Cree LED lighting products are created to match any space. The exclusive technology they developed in their products deliver optimal light distribution. It softly washes walls and amply illuminates work surfaces. Cree is a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting fixtures for commercial, retail, residential, education and hospitality applications.

As one of the largest manufacturers of LED lighting, Cree is committed to ensure they are creating better technology that improves their products and is environmentally friendly. Cree offers an extensive inventory to choose from a variety of recessed lights, high bays, troffers, roadway lighting and ceiling & canopy fixtures.

Cree LED Strip Light  


Cree strip lights are available in four foot or eight foot lengths and can be installed in various locations and can be mounted as individual fixtures or combined with other fixtures for a continuous application.

Cree LED Troffer 


Cree troffers and flat panels are light and durable fixtures that provide great light quality and substantial output. In addition, these fixtures are energy efficient and are suitable for damp locations.

Cree LED High Bay

LED high bays from Cree deliver a massive amount of light output and can be used in a variety of locations with high ceilings and still be able to light large areas. High bays are great options for commercial places.


Cree LED Retrofit Downlight

Retrofit downlights can be used to convert most four inch downlights into new LED technology or can be installed as new construction. These can be installed in residential and some commercial settings. They are energy efficient and suitable in wet locations.


Cree RUL LED Rural Utility Light 

The Cree LED utility light is a commercial fixture with an easy installation as well as a lightweight design. This item has a ten year warranty and can be installed in a variety of outdoor locations or for street lighting.


DIVA Lite LED Round Low Bay

Diva Lite LED Round Low Bay / High Bay UHB-140W-U-50K

With its round design, the UHB Series LED high bay from Diva Lite is the perfect LED replacement for T5 and T8 fluorescent high bays. The UHB delivers efficient, uniform, high lumen output for high and low bay applications in industrial, retail and commercial interiors. This energy-efficient fixture features high-performance optics which deliver clear, brighter light while using significantly less energy when compared to traditional high bay lighting.


  • Warehouse
  • gymnasium
  • toll booth
  • workshop
  • arena
  • Includes hook and junction box mounts
  • Aluminum heat sink and polycarbonate lens
  • Philips Lumileds LED chips
  • Efficacy: Up to 130 lm/W
  • CCT: 5000K
  • Certifications: UL, DLC


  • 90 Watts, 10000 Lumens
  • 140 Watts, 17000 Lumen
  • 180 Watts, 19000 Lumens

NORA LED Downlight Sapphire Series

Nora - 4" LED High Lumen Downlight Sapphire Series - NC-431

The Saphire Series by NSpec is an architectural grade LED high lumen downlight available in 4″, 6″, and 8″ apertures. The Sapphire Series features deep cone reflectors and dimmable LEDs. Cree LEDs and Cree LED Drivers make for a solid, complete, fully tested package. The reflectors have been designed by Nspec for the high efficiency (LPW) while providing low aperture brightness. The NSpec Commercial and Architectural Sapphire Series is proudly assembled in the USA.

  • Deep cone self-flanged reflector
  • Cree True White Technology
  • 90+ CRI
  • 97 LPW LEDs producing high efficiency fixture performance
  • Wattage: 10.53W=707.4lm, 15.70W=1135lm, 24.52W=1685lm
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Comfort Dim (2700K to 1800K)
  • cULus listed for Wet location
  • Energy Star, Made in USA


  • NC-431 – 2000 Lumens, 24 Watts, 200 W INC
  • NC-436 – 2000 Lumens, 24 Watts, 200 W INC
  • NC-631 – 4000 Lumens, 40 Watts, 400 W INC
  • NC-636 – 4000 Lumens, 40 Watts, 400 W INC
  • NC-831 – 4000 Lumens, 40 Watts, 400 W INC
  • NC-836 – 4000 Lumens, 40 Watts, 400 W INC



NORA LED Downlight Marquise Sereis

Nora - 4" LED Downlight Kit Marquise Series - NRM-411L85

Nora Lighting’s 4″ recessed downlight fixture solution with integrated LED power supply and thermal management system combined in a single compact unit. Cree True White LED ceramic package and Unitized Thermal Management (UTM) system. Outboard mounted driver allows for cooler operation and extends life. The Marquise Series is specifiable in 120V or 277V for light commercial, highend residential applications and offers dedicated EM housing back-ups for new construction and remodel applications.

  • Deep cone reflector, baffle, or decorative glass
  • Latest Cree® technology; integrated driver and ceramic LED package
  • 10.6W @ 850 & 15.75W @ 1250 Lumen
  • 97 Lumens per Watt and 65% efficacy
  • High color rendition – CRI 90+
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
  • Comfort Dim (2700K to 1800K) available with 850 and 1250 Lumen
  • Dimmable (850 & 1250 Triac)
  • cULus listed for Wet location
  • Title 24 Compliant


  • NRM-411L85 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRM-611L85 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRM-411L12 – 1250 Lumens, 15.75 Watts, 120 W INC
  • NRM-413L85 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRM-611L12 – 1250 Lumens, 15.75 Lumens, 120 W INC
  • NRM-413L12 – 1250 Lumens 15.75 Watts, 120 W INC
  • NRM-611L20 – 2000 Lumens, 26.24 Watts, 200 W INC
  • NRMC-61L8527 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRMC-61L8530 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRMC-61L8535 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRMC-61L8540 – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC
  • NRMC-61L85CD – 850 Lumens, 10.6 Watts, 85 W INC

LED Colbat Downlight


Nora Lighting’s LED Cobalt Luminaires are cULus listed for use in existing IC or Non-IC housings manufactured by Nora and others. The units provide 1000 Lumen output, drawing 16W and rendering 95CRI. Nora’s Cobalt LEDs integrate the latest from the Cree® COB family of LED arrays, giving bright spectacular light output and low power consumption. An obvious and smart choice for Green Energy efficient lighting in commercial and residential applications
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Cree COB LED with integrated driver
  • Ceramic platform
  • 95 CRI
  • 1000 lumens utilizes only 16 watts
  • 2700K, 3000K and 4000K color temperatures
  • cULus Listed, Energy Star & Title 24 compliant
  • GU24 Socket adapter available for use with GU24 base housings; Includes Medium-Base Socket kit
  • New UTM design allows for smaller overall height


  • NLCBC-451 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-452 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-651 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-652 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-552 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-651 – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-451D – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC
  • NLCBC-452D – 1000 Lumens, 16 Watts, 100 W INC


NORA Lighting


Nora Lighting is among the industry’s leading designers and suppliers of energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, architectural, retail, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential applications.

Nora Lighting is a leading manufacturer of dedicated, remodel and retrofit LED recessed downlights, panels for office spaces, and task and accent lighting for residential and commercial applications.

LED Downlight

Nora 4" LED Retrofit Cobalt Series NLCBC-451

LED Lightbar

Nora Lighting 6" LED Lightbar 90+ NULB-6LED942BZ

Nora LED Cabinet Lights

Nora LEDUC, Bravo and Bravo Plus light fixtures are compact in design and meet various energy requirements while achieving desired lighting effects.

Come in many different sizes, color temperatures and finishes. Specialty
accessories for fixtures also available.

Nora Lighting LED Bravo Linear Light

LED Pucklight

One of the most energy efficient products in the market, Nora’s 12 V DC LED Puck Light system is ideal for accent, under cabinet, in cabinet, display cases, niche, furniture, jewelry cases and other applications with limited space.

These ultra low profile fixtures are easy to install and can be linked together to provide excellent and even illumination on all surfaces.

Nora Lighting LED Puck Light

LED Tracklight

Nora Lighting - Cori LED Track Head